Award-winning 100% Kona coffee

Testimonials from our dear customers:

Richard - Sedalia, Colorado

I recently received a pound of full city roast coffee from you and I must tell you that it may be the smoothest cup of coffee I have ever had. The beans are rich in color and aroma and the brew is terrific.
Ben - Lunenburg, Maine

My wife and I love the flavor of your coffee.
Tony - Las Vegas

My friends who I have shared your coffee with have become addicts, so I must order more to support their habits.
Helen - Arlington, Virginia

I'm just finishing the two pounds of Kona coffee I ordered from you several weeks ago; it is stunning!
Dennis - La Mesa, California

We need your marvelous coffee again. Coffee? It is a drug ;-)
Roland - Hoffheim, Germany

Absolutely delicious aromatic, chocolatey, full-bodied coffee -
carefully hand picked, sun dried and custom roasted
for sale directly to you

Cream of the Crop Competition

  • 2009 bronze medal Chef's Choice
  • 2009 bronze medal People's Choice
  • 2008 gold medal Chef's Choice
  • 2007 silver medal Chef's Choice
Kona Coffee Cupping Competition
  • 2013 Finalist
  • 2012 Finalist
  • 2004 Bronze Medal
  • 2003 Finalist

Phil & Clare at Cream of Crop
January 13, 2014: The coffee is in bloom - beautiful fragrant blossoms all along the branches. Last year's crop was complete in early December and was smaller than previous year's. The coffee berry borer is still a major problem. Consequently we are raising the price on our coffee - had hoped to keep the price low but the costs associated with battling the borer are just too high to ignore.
Check out this link for information on the Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.

coffee in bloom

green coffee beans










Estate grown - all the coffee we sell is grown right here on our farm.
Jay picking coffee Hand picked of course! We pick only the red ripe berries, one by one.
spreading wet parchment Sun dried - on racks under the tropical Kona sun. We race out to cover them when it rains.
Stored - at this stage the beans have a thin covering called parchment and can be stored for months in a climate controlled environment.
Milled - using our new mill to remove the parchment from the coffee bean. Now the green bean is ready for roasting.
Roasted - as we receive orders so the coffee is always fresh for our customers.
Packaged - in foil bags with one-way valves to retain that just-roasted freshness.
Sold - here at the farm or over the secure order site. These are whole beans - if you want the coffee ground, add 50 cents for each 8 oz. quantity.

Our prices:
8 oz. bag - $13.00
16 oz. bag - $25.00
5 lb. bag - $110.00
Choice of roasts:
Medium roast - 445-450 deg F
Full City roast - 455 deg F
Dark roast - 462-464 deg F
A shipping and handling charge is added to the invoice. USPS rate increases are reflected in our new rates. We use USPS Flat Rate boxes for $12.30 and Flat Rate envelopes for $5.60 unless otherwise requested. Two 8 oz. or 16 oz. bags of coffee will fit in a Flat Rate envelope. Up to five 16 oz. bags or one 5 lb. bag of coffee will fit in a Flat Rate box. Adjustments in the cost will be made any time combining products in a package will save money. Shipping within the state of Hawaii is usually lower.
killer coffee label Want to read a good mystery set in Kona coffee country? Click on the graphic to the left to go to Baron Birtcher's website. Huahua Farm is the exclusive distributor of Killer Coffee Dark Mystery Roast and Tropical Noir Coffee - 100% Kona coffee from the fictitious "Kamahale Plantation".

$13.00 for 8 oz.; $25.00 for 16 oz. Shipping & handling $5.60 each.

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