Farm fresh 100% Kona coffee, Hawaiian macadamia nuts, and vanilla beans



Located near the village of Holualoa in Kona, Hawai'i, this

small but busy farm is known for its consistently, high-quality

products.  All of our delectables are grown, processed, and

packaged right here on the farm.


Sunny mornings, midday cloud cover, gentle breezes, and rich,

volcanic soil make ideal growing conditions.  Dedication and

hard work of owners Phil and Clare Wilson, and their

exceptional team of farm hands come together to make our

delicious products available to you.


We have a hunch that you will delight in the intense flavor of our 100% Kona coffee, the crisp bite of our Hawaiian macadamia nuts, and the wonderful aroma of our Hawaiian vanilla beans that we are so very proud of.  You may purchase our goodies individually or bundled in a gift box.  For more details about, and pictures of our products, go to

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June 16, 2015

I'm happy to report we have not seen any more pigs or pig damage on the property - what a relief. Walking through the orchards is more comfortable - guess I was a little afraid of the monsters.

the slight increase in rain after such a long drought has triggered more blooming on the coffee trees. That means we will be picking coffee next March instead of wrapping it up in early January.

Today I added more photos to the PHOTO page, including the one to the left of wild turkeys outside the workroom window. They were being very quiet and the dogs never knew they were there. Nani and Lihi love to chase turkeys and watch them fly away.

June 6, 2015

We are finally getting a bit of rain - much needed rain. Just one thing to share with you today - check out the photo on the left. This is the smallest of our three lychee trees and it is full of luscious juicy lychee. The other two are not nearly as productive.

Oh, and our two mango trees are dropping mangoes like crazy. I plan to spend the day up to my elbows in mango preparing mango jam. Lime juice from the Key limes will be incorporated because these mangoes are already ripe and need a bit of added tartness.

June 2, 2015

Over the weekend, while our workers were here to remove suckers (new excess growth) on the coffee trees and to clean up some brush piles, two wild pigs were eliminated. On Saturday two young pigs, about 30 pounds each, ran out of a brush pile and the workers chased it. The pigs were not running toward the open gate but instead ran into the fence. One worker hit a pig over the head and killed it but the other pig got away - not through the gate. Then on Sunday, the same thing happened and that pig was also killed. I haven't seen any fresh pig damage since then so I'm hoping our problems are over.

The workers also found two places in the fence line that pigs had made it through. One where the pigs dug under the fence and ignored the barbed wire and the other at a corner which wasn't sufficiently secure. They made repairs to those two breachs and now we plan to make regular fence walks to check for new entries. Those pigs just love our macadamia nuts and avocados and the pasture next door doesn't have any.

Speaking of avocados,  weighed one that fell from a tree just down the driveway - just over 3 pounds! and very tasty.

May 27, 2015

Yesterday I processed the last batch of vanilla beans from the crop that began blooming way back in January 2014. The total count for that season is over 400 but a large percentage are too short to be classified as Grade A. So we will again offer Grade B beans - all of them between 5" and 6" in length. Although some articles about grading vanilla beans indicate that Grade B beans are drier, our beans weren't listening - the Grade B beans are just as plump and oily as the Grade A beans. So we will again be offering Grade B beans and the price will be $8.00 for two beans. Shipping will be the actual shipping cost.

No news yet on the pig roundup. We have decided to wait till we have a few more people here to help. Our older golden retriever, Nani, has let us know that some of them are hiding during the day in a brush pile that was made when the wind blew down a macadamia tree and the downed tree was cut and stacked with all the leaves on it. Just clearing the several brush piles on our property may solve the pig problem.

May 20, 2015  Around the farm, Clare attends to the daily duty of checking the vanilla vines and pollinating any of the vanilla orchids that are in bloom. There are only a few buds left to bloom in this season so this doesn't take long, leaving time to do general cleanup of the vines, some pruning and relocating on the trellises.

The coffee beans are green and plentiful. Sometime this week or next we will be back in the coffee orchards pruning away the sucker growth so the trees can put their energy into producing coffee.

Macadamia blossoms are everywhere. The trees produce nuts throughout the year but until July, there aren't enough on the ground for the wild pigs to share with us.

Pigs! We have been plagued with a growing number of wild pigs since we bought the property in 1998. Although there is a freestanding rock wall surrounding the 10 acres, pigs just climb right over, knocking the rocks down. We have spent many hours repairing the wall. This year we gave up and began installing a fence, completing the necessary areas last week. Sunday, Phil hung the 10' wide gate across the driveway and we were hoping to be pig-free. Monday Clare took the dogs for a walk past the vanilla shadehouse and found that during the night pigs had rooted up all the soil in a large area of macadamia trees.  So either we have pigs staying on the property or they have found a way past the fence. Discouraging but just another challenge. The wild pigs sleep through the day and feed at night, so our gate is a night gate only. Will let you all know about our pig roundup.